A healthy diet in early pregnancy ensures that you and you baby are provided with sufficient nutrients and energy to maintain optimal health and development. In recent years the scientific community has provided vast amounts of research, that supports the notion that maternal nutrition and overall wellbeing is the key to adult life health . Scientist have begun elucidating mechanisms under which nutritional stimuli can directly effect gene expression in the developing embryo. Baby Clinics Nutritionist and Pre-Natal Consultant designs bespoke nutritional and lifestyle plans to work with your body and your lifestyle helping you to achieve optimal developmental outcomes for your child.

Why is it important I eat well during my pregnancy?

During your pregnancy your body goes through a lot of important changes to help you cope with the demands of your growing baby. From very simple changes in your lifestyle such as drinking more water you can help prevent the onset of urinary tract infections, through to more challenging changes such as increasing your iron consumption you can help prevent yourself feeling tired or lethargic. Other dietary changes such as increasing Folate and Choline consumption you can help prevent developmental issues in your child such as spina bifida.

How can my diet during my pregnancy effect my child?

Research that has been ongoing since the 1980s has established what is now known as the DOHAD hypothesis. Researchers and nutritionists are now aware of how certain specific nutritional stimuli can permanently affect gene expression rendering genes specific to a range of bodily functions permanently switched on or off in the unborn child.

Can my diet during my pregnancy effect my recovery time after my little one arrives?

Your diet in pregnancy can certainly affect the speed at which you recover from labour. Your state of mind can also have a powerful effect on your rate of recovery. Women who maintain a healthy diet full of iron and other essential nutrients such as essential amino acids have the right things their bodies need to repair themselves as quickly as possible. Women who also remain relaxed and keep a positive frame of mind throughout their pregnancy and labour are also less likely to have babies who are restless sleepers; mummies to more relaxed babies tend to be more relaxed themselves and in turn are less likely to suffer from post-natal depression and related stress disorders.


Nourish by Trimester

Private consultations answering all your questions and filling you in on the most important "need-to-knows" of mummy-to-be nutrition. After each consultation you will be given a bespoke nutrition plan designed to suit your lifestyle, tastes and your baby's developmental demands (trimester appropriate). We recommend that you come and see us once or twice a trimester – this will help keep you on track with your weight gain, will give you the confidence to try new foods and recipes and will keep you up to date with your baby's specific developmental demands.

£105 per hour consultation 


This consultation is specifically if you have a pregnancy related problem such as acid reflux or heartburn. If you are suffering specifically from a pregnancy related issue there are several natural and nutrition related remedies than can help ease the symptoms. In this package we can go remote and send you a list of natural and notionally based recommendations to help you out; or, we can have a short 30 minute consultation to help guide you through our recommendations. complete with a few recipe ideas to ease your symptoms and complement your baby's developmental stage.

Remote option £35 | Consultation £50


This consultation is specifically if you have a strong family history of a typically hereditary or of a disease state with unknown causes. Cognitive problems such as autism and anorexia are thought to in part be influenced by the uterine environment and maternal nutritional stimuli. In the case of many hereditary issues such as Autism there are several natural and nutrition related steps a mother can take to reduce the likelihood of the child been troubled by the disease.

£105 per hour


Home cooking. This 3 hour workshop run by our private chef and culinary expert provides you with the skills you need to cook delicious and healthy dinners in no time at all. Saidee our in house nutritionist will provide information about foods rich in the nutrients necessary relevant to your specific stage of pregnancy, leaving you with a step-by -step recipe book with all the tips and tricks you need – so when it's time to cook you have all the skill and know how to start getting creative.

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